We Are All Suffering

We are all suffering; some more, some less.
Until enlightenment, this is our lot.
We exist in one or other of the six realms:
hell, hungry ghosts, animal, human, jealous gods, gods
– all psychological states.

We may think we are not suffering,
but who knows our next incarnation?
There has been much suffering in previous lifetimes,
each ending in old age, sickness and death.

We can go on pretending that this is not happening,
or we can get our heads and hearts ‘right’ about this…now.

With a good heart and right recognition,
this could be our last incarnation.

Sadness and happiness are indistinguishable
because samsara and nirvana are indistinguishable,
because the two truths are indistinguishable.
At this level, love is sadness.

Some suffering is acceptable.
Acknowledging suffering is indispensable.
It is because of love that we are sad.

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