Mental Health – Spiritual Health

That which we ingest into our bodies and minds affects our physical and mental health. Chemicals, environment, media…everything we come into contact with affects the programming of our natural system. The pleasure-seeking environment in which we live has a compound effect upon us, generation after generation. We have to be aware of the zero-empathy, profiteering traps set for us: “Trust me; I have a nice voice.” We are here to evolve, not devolve. At every moment we are being helped to entertain ourselves to death, and have the pleasure of paying for it. Mental health depends on our spiritual awakening, when we realise that we can take back control of our bodies and minds…without pills for profit. Because of world austerity – for the poor, not the rich – there is more pressure on people, which creates strife. When people are under pressure, or even traumatised, they have less resistance. When it comes to the reptilian brain functions of fight, flight or freeze, it is freeze that takes control ..submission and conformity: “Trust me; I have a nice voice.” The dark new world is trying to destroy spiritual awakening, and people thinking for themselves; there is an insidious force that encourages us to believe that we are thinking for ourselves when in fact, we don’t have an original thought in our heads! Don’t doubt. Have confidence that spiritual awakening is constantly available. Recognition of pure awareness solves all ills. Although the process can take time as we have to cleanse the system, at least we are facing in the right direction…hooray! 😉

Trust your own awareness and control your own mind, before someone else does it for you!

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