Dealing With Negative Criticism.

Whether it’s our own criticism, or criticism from others, negative criticism is a product from the past. It’s our/their way. This is the most important issue in spiritual development because we are defending a mistaken ‘I’. It’s what we have to face, day in and day out; our karmic reactions.

“It’s our/their way”
is the same as saying
“It’s our/their path”.
The path is our/their confusion.

We just have to be compassionate to this confusion, neither accepting nor rejecting it. Compassion comes about when we see clearly…p u r e a w a r e n e s s! No one wants to remain unhappy, stuck in their (temporary) confusion, and grasping to a mistaken view of self and everything.

It’s not sane and it’s not grown up…it’s child’s play!

We don’t over-react; we listen, and do not ignore,
allowing the temporary tantrum
to wear itself out.

If we react, or counterattack,
this merely causes the grip to tighten for ourselves and others,
and destroys any future communication.

How do we deal with it?
See it as child’s play.

How we see criticism – positive or negative – will always depend on the quality of our perception.

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