The Supreme Finding

The supreme finding is looking into the mind, and finding nothing.
What is looking?
The mind itself.
This mind is not created or reliant on something else.
It just is.
It never changes.
Mind is clear, luminous and beyond limits of this and that.

Conventionally, we say, “Oh, I changed my mind.” But we are just changing our thoughts.

In Sanskrit and Tibetan, mind is seen as “space-like”, having the nature of clarity and luminosity, and being beyond limits. This is called the three Kayas, which, together, are named Svabhavikakaya. This is you – pure mind.

Khenpo Pema Vajra says:
The svabhavikakaya is defined as the aspect of enlightened form that is distinguished by two-fold purity: the natural purity of basic space of reality and the purification of all temporary stains. It is the ultimate Buddha kaya.
Its wisdom aspect is called the wisdom dharmakaya.
Its appearance, as a form kaya complete with fivefold certainty in the perception of pure beings, is the sambhogakaya.
Its appearance, as a form kaya to impure beings, is the nirmanakaya.”

This all comes down to the supreme finding of looking into the mind, and finding nothing

It’s interesting how the meaning of ‘mind’ has been demoted in modern language, obscuring understanding our true nature. I once met a self important man who thought that he was the sum of all his ideas and knowledge; he was a proud, unhappy man who never giggled…

Upgrade mind today.
Don’t entertain anything less.


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