Where do the extra people come from?

On the planet
267 people born every minute
(79,945,296 this year and counting)
106 die every minute
(55,000,000 this year and counting).

Where do the extra people come from?

Some of us are coming to the end of another year, and we are sowing the seeds for the next year. It’s the same when we die; at the moment of death we sow the seeds for the next incarnation…the plan, the agreement, the wish, the prayer.

In the Tibetan Book of the Dead, it is said that, at death, our awareness is nine times that of being in the body and that, through thought, we can go anywhere. Anywhere!? This is not all good news however. We are driven by our past karma, and so everything is exaggerated – all our hopes and…fears. It’s also not all bad news as we can do something about it now…hooray!

Where do the extra people come from?
The universe is a vast place, so sentient beings can come from anywhere, even from the animal world. To achieve a human incarnation shows some good karma, although looking at the world today, one wonders.

Chogyam Trungpa’s book, ‘The Tibetan Book of the Dead’ is well worth reading, studying and remembering, especially if we want a good incarnation to progress on the path to enlightenment. The work starts now so that, at death, we will understand more about what we are dealing with, as it is possible to make mistakes.

In the Bardo (the gap between) there are many moments of liberation, even before death! If we miss one, there always another coming. So far we have missed them all πŸ˜‰ so be prepared to recognise.

When we miss so many chances in the Bardo, it all comes down to choosing a womb. The following passages are from the Tibetan Book of the Dead:

from page 91… β€œIn the bardo, as in life, there are many distractions, and we are constantly mistaken and led astray…I will do good. Concentrate on this thought, the womb should be entered. At this time, you should bless the womb you are entering as a palace of the gods, and supplicate the Buddhas and bodhisattvas of the ten directions, and yidams, especially the Lord of Great Compassion. Enter the womb with a longing of a request for transmission.

β€œIt is possible to make a mistake in choosing the entrance to a womb like this. By seeing a good womb entrance as bad, or a bad one as good while under the influence of karma, so again, the essential point of the instruction is very important so do this: even if the womb entrance appears good, do not trust it and even if it appears bad, do not feel dislike for it. The true, profound, essential secret is to enter into the supreme state of equilibrium in which there is no good or bad, accepting or rejecting, passion or aggression.

…β€œIf you do not know how to choose a womb entrance and cannot get rid of passion and aggression, whatever of the above experiences may arise, call on the name of the three jewels and take refuge in them. Supplicate the Lord of Great Compassion. Go on with your head held high. Give up attachment and yearning for relatives and friends; sons and daughters you have left behind cannot help you. Enter now into the blue light of the human beings or the white light of the gods. Enter the jewelled palaces and the pleasure gardens.”

Of course, there is much more to this, and we need help in order to avoid being reborn in a dung heap! Through a precious human incarnation, we can achieve enlightenment. All beings, if they are aware, have Buddha nature.

We can’t know whether the teachings of the bardo are true or not, but they do reflect our earthly life. The bardo teachings are profound and comprehensive, and can enhance our quality of life, especially when it comes to compassion. If you find teachings that make more sense to you, or you have an understanding of something superior to this, do follow that: it’s better than remaining vague.

It all comes down to remaining…remaining…r e m a i n i n g…in pure awareness, and not being distracted. When there is confidence in pure awareness, then unlimited compassion arises. But this for you to decide.

This has taken half an hour to write.
3240 people have died and 8010 have been born in that space of time.

There are 6 days and 14 hours left in 2014:
by the end of the year, 196,885 people will have died.

Time catches up with every body sooner or later.
Best to be prepared now!

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