Mini Enlightenments, Synapses and Insight

In other words… Eureka!
Getting ‘it’.

The funny thing is, we already have ‘it’;
it’s all about making the connection and realising ‘it’.

There is a connection between
desire, practice, insight and achievement,
and it all takes place in the mind,
and the brain is a facilitator to understanding

We know.
We are knowingness.

But this knowingness identifies so strongly with fixed ideas,
creating fixed synapses that limit this knowingness.

One day, we will all get ‘it’.




Our only problem is being careful what we wish for!

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  1. tony says:

    I write this because, as an artist I find that I sometimes (quite often!) draw to a formula and it isn’t satisfying, as there is no progression. It lacks freedom and mystery. At the moment I’m drawing angels/bodhisattvas and demons and they look too much like cartoons. This is because of drawing in linear (out lines). Then it dawned, to draw tonally, losing the outline. It worked. Working in tones one searches out the form, and not totally completing it so it has a life of its own. It’s being more spontaneously.

    The point is seeing or feeling something is not right, forces one to break loose, and the synapses take a fresh route.


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