Authentic Teachings From Authentic Masters

Even though websites and blogs like this provide information about the dharma, they are no substitute for direct mind to mind transmission from an authentic master. Through such transmissions, we gain complete confidence into the nature of mind – emptiness itself – rather than just another concept which dulls the mind.

Having received instruction and practised, at the moment of death we will recognise that all appearances are projections of the mind and have no reality, and there is therefore nothing to fear. Liberation – even enlightenment – is gained. We might continue practising in higher realms, or return to earth to practice: this is why the dharma is so precious.

This is what the teachings say, and through reasoning and trust, we can gain confidence in this possibility.

Blogs like this offer a flavour of the dharma, showing how and where we are heading, but the ‘real thing’ is in our practice. The dharma has only been established the modern world for a few decades, and we do not have Tulkus yet. This is why we must still rely on Tibetan Tulkus as, in Tibet, they have had centuries of refined transmissions and advanced practices handed down by word of mouth. These are called unbroken lineages. There are all sorts of transmissions – hearing, reading, even being offered a cup of tea! Reading transmissions can be very long, and scheduled toilet breaks are needed over many days as it’s vital to be present for the entire text. Other traditions will have different manifestations, but could have the same meaning.

Finding an authentic master is not easy, and for some in this world, it’s practically impossible. However, drop by drop, our karma can refine and we may meet with fortunate circumstances.

All that glitters is not gold
Tulkus are a controversial subject. A Tulku is a reincarnated master from the previous life (they even have numbers!) but the title may be expedient in certain circumstances in order to meet certain needs. It is we who have to check the Tulku out. We need to test them for integrity – all that glitters is not gold. However, we can learn from anyone and everything, once the teacher has introduced us to our true nature – the inner teacher.

We have to be honest and reasonable. Even if we do not meet with an authentic master in this life, having a clearer understanding must…MUST!… be helpful for the next incarnation. If we take reincarnation as being possible, then we will continue refining perception and not stagnate.

I have no doubt that this blog will help! 😉 The most important thing is that we sincerely feel the teachings are precious and worthwhile.

We must first realise that phenomena has no reality, otherwise we will be mistaken about everything.

We cannot just say “I know emptiness.”
It has to shut us up 🙂 🙂 🙂

A student asked a Zen master, “If I work hard, how long will it take to become enlightened?”
The master replied, “Ten lifetimes.”
“And if I work really hard, how long will it take?”
“Twenty lifetimes.”
“No, really, really hard,” persisted the student.
The master replied, “Thirty lifetimes.”

The mindblowing thing is, that this current lifetime could be our last. I hear Situ Rinpoche say, “If I only improve 1% in each lifetime, then I shall be enlightened in a hundred lifetime!” He seemed pleased at that possibility.

We’re not trying to squeeze ourselves into a small hole: we’re not doing anything.
We merely recognise the truth that is already known.

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