The Inseparable Two Truths

The inseparable two truths: the real and the reflection. The moon, reflected in water.

Reality is Bud-dha nature – pure awareness, empty of constructs. Empty essence became excited about being and was attracted to its own potential, and thus, desire was created. This is led to a filling of empty space and the obscuring of that space. Empty essence wanted recognition, and in doing so, forgot self recognition.

The mind is mirror-like, reflecting everything impartially. It is pure reflection, but became fixated by the reflections and ignorance was created. Empty essence became beguiled by its own self admiration and perceived it as having a solid reality, whereas in truth it is just a reflection. The reflection creates concepts of an I, and emotions arise. A seeming reality appears, which is maintained by judgments, giving rise to aversion and fear.

It is because of the real – empty essence – that the true nature of the seemingly real is recognised as being empty in essence. The real is re-cognised when the true nature of the reflection is recognised as being temporary, and empty of true reality.

The negative emotions, created by a concept of an I, are poisons which obscure our essential nature. It is because those same negative emotions are so potent that, in the first instant, they heighten the mind’s awareness, directly illuminating and enlightening our essential nature – and we can clearly see what the mind is doing. If that is not noticed, we take the emotion to be real, and a direct reflection of the I: this sets up a defensive/aggressive personality, creating more obscurations and thus maintaining the karmic load.

The poisons are nectar.
The negative emotions are wisdoms.
The mud is Buddha.

The poisons, the negative emotions and the mud
are all mere reflections
and have no reality.

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