No Me, Know You

This is not merely poetical. It is a practical method of learning and teaching.

‘Learning’ means recognising our true awakened nature.
‘Teaching’ means creating compassion space by listening in neutrality, allowing others’ true awakened nature to be recognised (or not 🙂 )

When conversing with others, we usually play the samsaric dance of imposing the steps we prefer.

We smother…and they smother…we smother…no oneness.

The very moment we stop imposing and listen, we break our own programming. We change into neutral, and in neutral no karma is produced! If we are confident in our view, then there is no need to impose. It’s not only polite, it’s liberating – and superior to conventional partialities.

Most important of all, there is no ‘me’ present, but just pure intelligent awareness. The body is at rest and the mind is at rest. This creates a perfect space; it is the “great perfection”.

The weight of compassionate* space may curtail the enthusiasm others still have to display themselves ( or not 🙂 )

Either way:
No me, know oneness!

*Compassionate enlightened activity has four aspects: pacifying, magnetising, enriching and destroying. ‘Destroying’ is a skilful final push cutting through ego’s games, rather than hitting someone over the head. If we hit someone over the head, they’ll just come back to attack like a testosteroned pheasant!

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