Being Ruled by Heaven and Hell
creates confusion, creates indifference

We have long been deceived by the terms ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’: the deception keeps these as beliefs, and so we remain confused and indifferent, when we can know the reality right now. However, we have to use these terms as a catalyst to analyse the truth and ask, “What do they mean?” And then, it all depends who is answering the question! These are either concepts that rule our lives, or we just don’t care and have become indifferent.

From a theistic viewpoint, heaven is a place where God resides, and hell is the Devil’s domain.

From a Buddhist viewpoint, these are psychological states.

Heaven/nirvana – the extinguishing of the fires that cause suffering; desire, aversion and ignorance.

Hell/samsara – through ignorance, we continually suffer, repeating the cycle of birth and death. Hell is also a description of one of the six realms, but all these realms are an expression of suffering.

Our lack of understanding on this matter creates confusion which gives rise to indifference, and so we ignore the subject and stop asking questions.

Indifference – apathy (perfunctoriness) is a lack of feeling, interest and concern. That’s what the deception does for us!

Our understanding will depend on what we’ve been reading and to whom we’ve been talking.

We are deceived by everything we believe we are perceiving. If we separate Nirvana and Samsara, we will either remain confused and the mind will wander off the subject, or we will become dogmatic, judging everything as good or bad. These extremes are both hypnotic states to which we cling for ‘safety’. In this way, we are ruled or controlled by events, and others’ confusions.

Nirvana and samara are inseparable
Reality and the illusion
The mirror and the reflection
The ocean and waves
are inseparable.

Mara – the ruler of suffering (our likes and dislikes) –
is anything that creates an obstacle
to our realising our true nature.

However, when viewed correctly,
Mara’s very presence
is our true wisdom nature!

Breaking free from the concept of heaven and hell
Heaven (pleasure)
Hell (aggression)
Indifference (dullness)
are the demonic activities of the three poisons.

By being attracted to pleasure, aggression or dullness
we create the world in which we personally live.
Therefore, we indulge in demon activity…
…Mud sticks!

The Great Perfection (Dzogchen) is one taste.
Pleasure, pain and dullness
are merely appearances to the mind
reflecting the three wisdom Kayas.
Therefore heaven, hell and indifference cannot be said to exist…
…Mud drops off!



Here is how it works:
Once wisdom is pointed out to us, identifying the negative emotion identifies the wisdom.

Desire = Emptiness – Dharmakaya.
Aversion = Awareness – Sambhogakaya.
Ignorance = Compassion – Nirmanakaya.

Our ‘being’ is Empty, meaning pure space.
Desire fills that sacred space with concepts.

Our ‘being’ is also Awareness, meaning a knowing quality.
Aversion arises when an “I” is created and we start judging.

Our ‘being’ is Compassion, meaning confident joy of being.
Ignorance arises when empty awareness forgets its true nature, and that of others.

Emptiness = Ultimate truth: emptiness purifies awareness.
Awareness = Relative truth: awareness recognises the purity.
Compassion = the unity of Ultimate and Relative truths: this reality exists in all sentient beings.

There is knowing, and there is not knowing.
The moment knowing recognises not knowing, there is knowing.
It is in the recognition of not knowing that knowing is recognised.

We are no longer ruled by muddy concepts!

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