The Need For Constant Inspiration

Patrul Rinpoche said:
“You know the relative to be a lie,
yet still you practise the two accumulations.
You realize that in the absolute there is nothing to be meditated on,
yet still you practise meditation.
You see the relative and absolute as one,
yet still you diligently practise…
Peerless teacher, at your feet I bow…

As it is important to continue to practise,
so too is the need to remember the teacher
The teacher represents all teachers and teachings.

We are not worshipping an individual, but acknowledging what they represent.
This does nothing for the teacher or deity; it only serves as a reminder.

The mind is fickle and easily distracted
and honestly, we cannot always remember our true nature – pure awareness
This is especially true at the moment of death and after,
when the mind may be befuddled.

Constantly bringing the teacher, deity or mantra to mind will be an aid;
a stepping stone to remembering our essential nature,
and that everything is a mere projection.

May all projections be recognised as the Lord of Love
because the Lord of Love is recognition.

NB Tibetan Buddhism is mainly Vajrayana or Tantric practice: this is utilising a deity to reflect the true nature of our minds. This devotion, which is a deep appreciation of the teachings leading us to our true nature, has nothing to do with superstition.

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