Don’t Think You Are Awake

‘Being’ is pure essence.

The opposite of ‘being’ awake is ‘being’ asleep.
Asleep means ‘being’ unconscious or dreaming.
Unconscious is not knowing.
Dreaming is ‘being’ believing the images in the mind.

All images are known in the mind.
When ‘being’ believes these images to be real,
it enters the dream state
as pure awareness is forgotten

Fixating on the dream, a reactor, a self image is created.
This ‘I’ walks, talks, puffs up, complains and believes.

The moment pure essence remembers, it wakes up,
and there is no ‘I’ and no clinging.

On awaking we think, “Where am I?”
and ‘I’ returns.
And essence goes back to sleep…
….walking, talking, puffing up, complaining and believing.

Just ‘be’ awake.
Don’t ‘be’ something asleep.

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