Stuck in Mindfulness
A sticky problem!

Mindfulness means to be aware of something. In spiritual terms, it is a useful tool: a reminder for awareness to be aware. Once awareness is remembered, we can drop mindfulness, otherwise we are over doing it, and we start to act in a mannered, self conscious fashion.

However, today mindfulness is used by therapists to be mindful of what we do: drink tea, chant a mantra, be more efficient at work, pull a trigger… Modern self help therapies merely make this self feel better about itself so that we can function better in samsara and become part of the corporate hive.

Mindfulness is being aware of the senses in operation, and the effect of these in the mind – we are mindful of something. The mind may have clarity, but it is not clarity of essence yet. The senses are non conceptual, and so they give the impression or illusion of emptiness. We can become stuck in a subtle duality (I was stuck for twenty five years in this ‘idiot’ state; if you think that’s daft, there were meditators found in Tibetan caves in a suspended state known as ‘frozen emptiness’, and waking them was tricky: see “Rainbow Painting” by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche).

Mindfulness is merely the stepping stone to awareness, awareness of awareness and awareness of emptiness.

We live in a mental dream prison, a combination of our dreams and those of others. Mindfulness just makes us more precise in this social prison: if we wish to escape, it’s vital to remember what it is that we are being precise about – our essence – the clarity of essence. We can escape this prison through awareness and the recognition of emptiness.

A belief in mindfulness will merely cause us to act as if we’re enlightened, but this is not enlightenment. Believe nothing.

NB I sometimes wonder whether some meditation groups stick to mindfulness meditation in a secular form because of a fear of spirituality/religion…

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