The Opposite of Truth is a Lie

In Buddhism, the word lie is not used: out of compassion, the terms ‘mistakes’, ‘confusion’ or ‘misperceptions’ are employed. A lie obscures the truth. This can either be a unconscious, confused idea or conscious deliberate lying – the maintenance of a lie.

The human realm is one of desire, creating excessive activity and frustration and promoting addiction and there we go, round in circles.  A word, phrase or image can be introduced into a culture giving rise to fashion in all its forms, and we become addicted. This is because we have no original thoughts of our own; we follow others who have followed others – we mimic. We’ve been mimicking for thousands of years – even lifetimes – and have become part of ‘group think’.

The question is: “Did someone, or some group, create a deception, and are we just maintaining it?” A lie or deception obscures the truth – “The Big Idea.”. Neurolinguistic programming is an ancient “magicians’ art” of make believe.

There are two areas of human ‘development’ that control us; theism and atheism. Both are beliefs: one is a belief in an external, controlling being and the other is a belief in bettering ourselves, by ourselves. These two beliefs occupy most of the inhabitants of this planet under the guise of freedom.

How can we become free by believing in something that does not exist?
It’s all nonsense!

The only thing imprisoning us is a mistaken belief in a self.
If religion or science prove the Buddha’s teachings wrong,
then Buddhism has to change.

It hasn’t so far…

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  1. Michael says:

    Since “no-self” is the truth and empty consciousness is all that remains and is our true nature, then what the hell do we do with this place, body, mind, percieved reality, etc., we find ourselves in?

    • tony says:

      Hello Michael,

      I wondered that!
      “No-self” merely means not fixated on a self image, which is limiting to experiences.

      We can have fun and enjoy the senses, we just don’t obsess or cling. which will in the end making us unhappy.

      The greatest secret to happiness, is to benefit others, and in that we can be very creative.

      Empty consciousness is just clarity of awareness.

      This is why absolute truth and conventional truth have to seen as inseparable…it’s more fun!

      I’ll have admit resting in only pure emptiness would be boring and nihilistic.
      We are not vegetables! 🙂

      Thanks for the your comment,

  2. daisymae21 says:

    Tony – what is “The Big Idea”?

  3. tony says:

    The latest fashion, or the latest manipulation of our minds. Politics, health, education, entertainment, come to mind. They are constantly moving the “goal posts” with new ideas, and change destroys traditional methods that work.

    The result is that people are becoming confused, unhealthy, ill educated, and easily bored.
    Because things are going wrong, someone can then come along and “Put it right”. Cures do not make money!

    The “Big Idea” is mass propaganda – mind control.

    This is why we have to wake up to other’s dreams…nightmares. 🙂


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