Wake-ful-ness : Between Awake And Asleep

Our mind has to become as subtle
as the thing it is investigating,
which is mind essence.

Our current consciousness is not subtle enough for this, as it consists merely of circling concepts.

The mind needs to be still in a practical, experiential way, in order to recognise the next step, which is that there is awareness of that stillness – and that that awareness is empty – empty essence.

The senses merely rest open – see without looking, touch without touching, smelling without smelling, taste without tasting, hear without hearing. Just open.

When sitting in meditation, if we fall into thought we are dreaming; we are asleep.

When sitting in meditation, if we are too awake and alert, we start to conceptualise. We get involved. If our senses are too wide open – too aware of our external environment – the senses (although non-conceptual) could drift into see-ing, touch-ing, smell-ing, taste-ing, hear-ing. We start identifying, and we get caught up in the 3D world, and off we go in a day dream again!

In the morning when we waken from sleep, in the first moment there is just awareness. Then we become aware of where we are…and enter the day dream.

There is a fine balance between being awake and being asleep; these are both dream states of vacancy and occupancy. In deep relaxation, we are not quite asleep and not quite awake and therefore we don’t enter either world.

“Not too tight and not too loose.”

I hope that’s helpful.

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