Something we all experience, all the time šŸ™‚

Regret: sadness, disappointment, dismay, dejection, sorrow, guilt. The opposite to regret is happiness. So, we are talking about unhappiness = suffering. Regret is recognising that we are suffering, which is the first noble truth.

Regret is the result of past actions and reactions; maybe something we did or didn’t do, said or didn’t say. The repercussions were due to our capacity at that moment. Now we can change. If we regret, we can be sure others do too. What they do about this is up to them.

This all stems from a collective confusion of self identity – an explosive mixture! Much of our painful regrets stem from relationships. We might have good intentions, and may even love, but if the recipient of that love is not open, then things get messy. We have to beware of smothering a situation. Love hurts – conventional love that is – until we learn to accept that this is samsara. If we don’t recognise samsara’s influence, we will keep making painful mistakes.

So, what is the answer? What do we do? Nothing!!! The first thing we need is space, and that creates spontaneous presence, which is our true nature.

Regret is good, but we don’t have to keep on regretting.
It’s a indicator to let go of the past.

Spontaneous presence is now; fresh, open and magical.
It’s carefree, with absolutely no expectations or lingerings from the past.

It cuts through hesitation.
It is fearless warrior class.

Spontaneous presence attracts positive blessings.
How do we ‘get’ spontaneous presence?

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