Not Forgetting Our True Nature

When pure awareness is forgotten, we are like ordinary people. We forget when awareness relates to ‘something’. When awareness is captured by ‘something’, this is a relating reality; absolute reality relating to something outside itself. A duality.

Pure awareness can relate to ‘something’ when it remains impartial (not captured), remaining in non duality.

Conduct is not forgetting our true nature. Once we recognise our true nature, which is non-meditation in meditation, then the continuity of that is our conduct in daily life. The less distraction in our lives, the easier it is not to be distracted. That’s what monks and nuns are about.

“So, I’m ordinary am I…?!”

Well, humans range in their capacity from very gross to very refined. Most are unaware that pure awareness is even taking place. We will know where we are by how quickly we remember that we are relating to an illusion – relating reality. The moment of recognition is the moment we are back in pure awareness!

By forgetting, we become ordinary.
How do we find our way back?
We relate to the world by pausing
and being impartial.

Pausing is like space.
This is emptiness
permeating everything.

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