What Is “Emptiness Of Awareness”?

It’s the next step up from “awareness of emptiness”.

Logically, we can arrive at awareness of emptiness; emptiness means unadulterated. But the experience of emptiness is beyond logic and description. We need a glimpse that will ‘pull us through’.

Awareness is normally concerned with events, both outer and inner.
Through meditation, awareness becomes aware of itself.
Through deeper meditation, awareness find nothing to get hold of; it’s empty.
Finally, awareness unites with emptiness.

A glimpse of emptiness may be painful. Why? We realise how imprisoned we have become, by thoughts, concepts, fixations and emotions. They are the walls to our prison. Drop these and we (awareness) are free. The more we try to experience emptiness, the thicker the walls become. Sounds zen-y 😉 !

I still get caught up in the awareness of emptiness and how I am supposed to ‘be’, and feel guilty for it. This guilt comes from a feeling that I should be ritualistic like other students, but my temperament is to think laterally which irritates vertical thinkers; our temperament is something we have to live with – we’re not vegetables! We need to trust that whatever appears within empty awareness is merely playing itself out, exhausting karma. There is no need to ‘better’ ourselves.

Of course, we will get urges, and we can still have fun. It’s just a matter of not fixating, allowing inspiration to manifest in spontaneous joy. In empty awareness, anything is allowed to manifest; confidence arises from not taking it seriously. It’s the humour that dissolves seeming reality.

You don’t have to believe anything you read. Just practise and meditate on the Buddha’s teachings…and find a authentic teacher who can empathise.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    “…and find a authentic teacher who can empathise.”

    Which is what qualifies a person as “a mentor worthy of my time ,effort, and respect” !
    Trying to deal with people that are void of and lack compassion and empathy, is most certainly a useless waste of time and effort leading to eventually cause one to start questioning their own sanity ….
    Like I’ve said in the past : I do not hit the “like button” on the posts each day because I always agree, or want to be a kiss-ass or teachers pet…..I hit the button “out of respect for the one that took the time and effort to create it, and because it was created out of empathy and compassion and love for other suffering human beings that are also questioning this reality and looking for answers” !

  2. tony says:

    Dear Rob,
    Empathetically acknowledged.


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