Mundane and Supra-mundane

Try counting your breath (exhalations) for 108 times without following thoughts (if you can’t cope with 108, just try 10!). If you get lost, start at one again. This really does focus the mind, and it can be a shock to realise how easily the mind is distracted. We may have acquired some highfalutin ideas – ‘high Dharma’ – but we need to come down to earth, and be able to concentrate; that is why and when we come to our senses, as they are the tool to pure perception and make us feel more alive.

We will see how often we get distracted by thoughts – ordinary mundane thoughts. We find that we are more interested in these thoughts than being free of them. That is the prison we are in, and all we are being asked to do is… just breathe naturally. You have to breathe anyway!

What is important is seeing the problem – that we prefer the prison.
This is the difference between being ordinary-ordinary and extraordinary-ordinary.

We need constant reminding to see the difference.

This is possibly why teachers, monks and nuns wear ‘unique’ clothing – something that identifies them as not being part of mundane life and is a constant reminder. Western do the same in some ways. Of course, this idea of separation can become mundane
Just a ‘habit’! 🙂

Following thoughts is so easy; we have become used to this pretty chain around our neck-mind.

How do we break this chain? By recognition!
The moment of recognition is the moment of freedom…until we forget again.
It takes effort to become supra-mundane. Then we can breathe naturally without effort.
The more we can recognise that we are imprisoned by our thoughts, the quicker we are free.

A breath of fresh air… just takes practice.

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