Are We Looking For More?

If so, we have gone too far;
we need to back up and review what we already know.

One of the purposes of this blog is to share experiences of how the mind can work for us, so that we may clarify our own understanding. The mind actually does become our teacher – it reflects what we need to know! That’s the meaning of the unity of the two truths; seeing imbalance, balance is restored.

For the last few days, I’ve been having a problem with the idea of “rainbow body” where, at death, some are said to leave the body in rainbow light. Some leave behind just nails and hair, some a 3cm relic or white pills. Exciting stuff, but my mind just goes blank at such things. How relevant is this to us at this moment? If there are those who can do this, they are highly advanced practitioners: we are not. Like you, I’ve only read of such stories.

Everything must go step by step. This is how we progress. We uncover the true meaning. The simplest sounding teachings are extremely powerful. As our perception changes, so does the value of the very same teachings – same words, exalted meaning. That is what we can miss if we want something outside our present understanding. All we have to do is look, and the dots join up by themselves.

Let’s take again the Buddha’s advice:

Do good
Do no evil
Train the mind.
We could take this as:

Pat the dog
Don’t kick it
Break the habit of kicking!


Share your chocolate.
Don’t keep it all for yourself.
Train in generosity…hoping she’ll give you some of hers!


Remain in non duality.
Don’t move away from non duality.
Remain in purity of non duality.

This last one is relevant if we are in total isolation for a long time, and have proper instruction and understanding; those practitioners could possibly achieve a rainbow body.

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