Trust Yourself
Trust pure perception.

Trust the judgements of pure perception and how it feels,
without exaggerating and elaborating.

Ultimately it is all one taste.
Relatively, we have to decide what is beneficial.

If we put on something smooth we feel, “How nice.”
If we put on something rough we feel, “How scratchy.”
If we look at people we feel, “How exaggerated.”
If we look at the earth we feel, “How beautiful.”

Before these judgements there is merely pure perception, empty of judgment. Relatively speaking, those judgements are valid. Having identified that a person exaggerates, just leave it alone. Trust that perception has noted an imbalance, and remain in pure perception. Condemning and admiring only serve to make perception impure, although desire and aversion may also be paths to liberation; this is wisdom in action.

When we do not trust ourself (pure perception) we engage in an impure world of emotions, and lack confidence. Whether it is warm or cold is neither good or bad. We live in collective self-serving world, this is a fact. And there is nothing we can do about that – it’s the Age of Strife!

Just note and remain in pure perception, and be happy.
If we are not happy, then we allow others to rule our life.

NB We have to know the difference between perception and pure perception. According to Tibetan Buddhism, perception is the sixth consciousness, following the five sense consciousnesses. The seventh is judgement and the eighth is memory. One could call the ninth consciousness pure perception, although it is beyond consciousness.

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