We Are Oxymorons

Paradox, contradiction, inconsistency,
incongruity, anomaly, conflict,
absurdity, oddity, enigma, puzzle,
mystery, conundrum,

We are enlightened beings
in a sentient body,
forgetting that we are enlightened beings.

We are all Buddhas in the mud.

Buddhism is being aware that we are covered in mud/enthusiastic ideas; these become emotions, which are very enthusiastic ideas. The moment we re-cognise this enthusiasm is the moment of knowing awareness; we remember our pure nature – pure awareness – and the mud drops off. The wisdom is to see that the mud never existed in the first place.

Get used to it!

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2 Responses to WE ARE OXYMORONS

  1. Atlian (Ariel Avalos) says:

    Thanks for your share.

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