Demonic and Wisdom Aspects of Hope And Fear

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

In a demonic realm, we are attracted to hope, and repulsed by fear.
In a wisdom realm, hope is symbolised by the qualities of peaceful deities, and fear by wrathful deities.

Both hope and fear (desire and aversion) are controlled by ignorance: these are the three poisons. However, these very same poisons are, in actuality, wisdoms. This is the one thing that the demonic realm does not understand, and we spend all our time distracting ourselves from the reality of the nature of the three poisons.

If we want to understand what is controlling us as a population, we merely have to look into our own minds; as in the part, so the whole.

That which governs our minds also governs the world: ignorance, desire and aversion, the main villain being ignorance of our true nature of pure awareness.

Through ignorance, we are controlled by:
deceit, terror and fear
deceit, pleasure and hope.

Just look at the world now. If a newspaper is available, so is control! This is how modern society is governed by violence and pleasure.

However, this can easily be turned on its head through the wisdom of peaceful and wrathful deities – once we know. Knowing dispels ignorance!


Avalokiteshvara/Chenrezi is a peaceful deity representing compassion. His other aspect is Mahakala. the wrathful side – intense love. We can easily understand the peaceful aspect, but what of this wrathful aspect? If we miss the value of compassion and resting in inner peace, then we have to be woken up! That is when we need the piercing eye of the wrathful teacher, who will not let us go to sleep or be distracted. This is especially valuable in the BARDO (the state after death) but is also relevant now; that is why the disruption in the world has to be seen in the light of wisdom.

The intense evil in the world of deceit, terror and pleasure is a waking up call, and can serve as a wrathful deity. It is obvious that the world is now in darkness, and getting darker.

The antidote for the three poisons of ignorance, desire and aversion is the three kayas: Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya – Emptiness, Awareness and Compassion.

The following is from an article I wrote entitled The Reptilian Brain – Beauty and the Beast. For the full article go to

This is how they correlate.
 – Emptiness
Aversion – Awareness
Ignorance – Compassion

Our essence is emptiness: pure sacred space. Desire arises, creating concepts which fill this sacred space. Emptiness get filled with fixated ideas.

Our nature is awareness: a knowing quality. Aversion arises when awareness creates an “I” by forgetting its essence, emptiness, and we start judging.

Our expression is unconfined compassionate energy: joy of being. Ignorance arises when empty awareness forgets its own true nature – emptiness and awareness – which is also that of others. So we lack love = ignorance.

A devil cannot understand wisdom.
:D- :D- :D-
If it did, it would be enlightened!
:D- :D- :D-

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