What Tibetan Lamas Really Don’t Know

For decades, psychoanalysis has ruled America – to rule the world

This is a very difficult subject to write about as it may be upsetting to some. We are basic goodness, but have been separated from that goodness by an idea of goodness: this not easy to recognise as we are arrogantly “knee deep” into ourselves. Psychoanalysists believe we are irrational demons that have to be controlled. Funnily enough, this isn’t too far fetched, but their methods are diabolical!

We can either study a thousand facts to understand the one essential principle, or we can understand the one essential principle in order to understand the thousand facts. That one principle is the code breaker! In Tibetan Buddhism, this is pure awareness.

Tibetan Buddhism can sound complex, full of thousands of teachings and facts, but it all comes down to one thing and that is pure awareness, for without that, nothing would be known. All Tibetan lamas know this. This is why the Dzogchen (Maha-Ati) teaching is so valuable, as it starts with the code – pure awareness. We are Dzogchen – pure awareness. All we have to do now is live it!

However. Tibetan Lamas are at risk of arrogance when they see us (modern people) as speedy and irrational… “unreasonable, illogical, groundless, baseless, unfounded, unjustifiable, unsound; absurd, ridiculous, ludicrous, silly, foolish, senseless, nonsensical, laughable, idiotic, stupid, wild, untenable, implausible, unscientific, arbitrary, crazy, mad.” This could be said to be reasonable because, as sentient beings, we are all of the above 😉 but if this idea is held onto, there is a danger of fixation.

So what is it that the Lamas don’t know?

The answer lies in the reason why we (modern people) are all caricatures of the above. Of course, it comes down to an identification with a mental image of ourselves, forgetting that which is aware of this nonsensical image.

Lamas (well, the ones I’ve met) do not recognise how modern life came about: they fail to understand that we are all caught up in an insidiousness of corruption about our true nature. There are those who wish to gain from our ignorance, and keep us ignorant by our consent – crazy! We do not see this because we are the problem – we are the main course! The problem for lamas is that they are surrounded by those who are too willing to please, and who readily submit to being seen as inferior (which is, of course, contrary to the teachings).

I once attended a retreat where we met in groups of four to discuss what we felt about the Dharma; this was termed “Harvesting” 😉 . At the end, we fed back to the main group what had been said. I was shocked at the regurgitation of platitudes, and very pleased to have managed to have got in the phrase “neurolinguistic programming!” The Lama gave me such a look 😀 !

The teachings are perfect. The only escape from attitudes is being aware.

Tibetans have not studied the history of western society in depth (actually, most westerners haven’t either!). They do not understand that there is an ‘elite’ (the very arrogant) who have been using psychoanalysis in America for decades, and who see humans as irrational and potentially dangerous. Modern psychoanalysis ruled America, and now their principles rule the world.

As shown in the four documentaries below, this idea came from the Austrian Sigmund Freud, whose theories were taken up by his nephew Edward Bernays and Freud’s fanatical daughter, Anna Freud. They were incredibly influential within American corporations and governments, and this influence continues through those who continue the work. Society was “engineered” to conform so that corporations and governments could profit from human desire. To make profit on such a massive scale, one needs control on a massive scale. What happened was – and is – incredible.

These documentaries show the effect psychoanalysis has controlled and influenced the modern world, from the top right down to street level. They are also interesting for the reason that they were commissioned by the BBC in the first place, as they reveal how the media works, and how psychology is used to manipulate people’s thinking. All one has to do is take glimpse at one of the films to get an idea of what has been, and is still, going on.

The first video is entitled, “The Happiness Machine”.
The second – “The Engineering of Consent” – shows the build up to the 1950s.

“There is a policeman inside all our heads: he must be destroyed” is the third in the series, and reveals what was behind the Californian pseudo-spirituality of self help therapies (I’ve met Lamas who have laughed at these Californian mystics, but do not understand underlying causes).
The fourth video – “Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering” – is about how those in politics make use of these theories.

There is much more to all this, but I’ll stick to the videos for now. Like Buddhism, all one needs is the one principle which can then multiple itself. So it started with “Look good – feel better!” and then developed into “Express who you are!” One controlled the body consciousness and the other, the mind consciousness, and they both make money. You have to pay to be you?!

We can smile at the videos, thinking, “How stupid people were!”, forgetting that we are part of it right now! We are dinner! There is no hiding place. Policemen have been placed in our mind.

We do not need complexity. Within us all is simple goodness, not a deep underlying danger as Freud suggested. Evil is banal. It is superficial. The demons within us are our wisdom: they are nothing to be afraid of. Fear is looking at things the wrong way round through a dirty lens.

“Look good – feel better!” and “Express who you are!” are deceptions to make people identify only with the mundane. We are sold the idea that we are unique and individual, but this is merely conventional self indulgence.

Unless we truly understand that evil is a banality, we will merely continue to act out this banality through demonstrations of superficial love, rather than expressing our ultimate true nature of love and pure awareness. We are being conned at every turn.

The very understanding of this is an enhancement of our daily practice;
it brings energy and dynamism, and gives a reason to practice.
Everything is banal.
Everything is nonsense –
except the pure awareness that is aware of the banal and the nonsensical.
Once aware, we are free.





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