Spiritual Holiday

‘Being spiritual’ can be such a headache for all concerned! We can sometimes give off vibrations of trying too hard, of being “present”, of being really keen and awake…and it can make others feel uncomfortable.

Retreats can be like that, with lots of big starey scary eyes! 😀 😀 😀
Unfortunately earnest people become quickly upset.

Take a holiday today. Be laid back and relaxed. Today, we are not going to get up tight and nothing will upset us…and we are not going to project ‘our’ spirituality 🙂
It’s actually a holiday for others! A holiday is a relief from methods.

Traditionally, there is view, meditation and conduct.

View is pure awareness – non-meditation – non-doing – the holiday.
Meditation is any method to remind us of pure awareness – and entails doing – work.
Conduct is the continuity of pure awareness – the expression of the holiday.

Give others a break and take a holiday
…and relax.

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