Subtle Doubts about Spiritual Practice

We may doubt whether we are doing a practice right, or even doing the right practice. “Well, there are so many teachings, and so much detail, and others act so ‘holy’, I can’t be doing it right! There’s so much out there to get right.”

Wrong! 😀
There is nothing to ‘get right’ out there.
We ‘get right’ out there by ‘being right’ in here.
It’s all about what is noted.

Whatever practice we do – formal or daily conduct – is to realise pure awareness.

Whatever is thrown at us (the stories of our life) is our karma we created; it’s our past catching up to us. The Dharma teachings on obscurations, defilements and grasping are all generalisations.

How it feels is specific to us.

In the beginning of our studies we readily admit to pride, jealousy, fear, desire and ignorance – our ego clinging. “Good, got that. That’s out of the way…what’s next?” Not so fast! When we walk into a meditation hall, we find we are still attracted to a few, have aversion to others and ignore the rest! And we can’t escape by not looking at anyone at all, by resting in our own paradise – that’s ignoring again…

“So, what do I do? There is no hiding place.” Exactly! Just note what is going on, just like any other practice.

If we spend all our time trying to get it ‘right’ (look good), we are merely re-creating luggage. Dharma has becomes a recreation; an entertainment.

Note and let go
Note and let go
Note and let go
j u s t  n o t e = pure awareness.

If you meet an observer on the road, kill it.

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