Do I Need A Spiritual Teacher?

We need inspiration and guidance.
The teacher
is inspiration and guidance.
The teacher
is the mirror to our own inspiration and guidance.

The outer teacher is someone whose qualities match our own. A recognition takes place, and this gives us a boost of energy. A transmission of confidence.

However, the teacher cannot be with us 24 hours a day.
Do I have to remember my teacher 24 hours a day?

This will depend on what you consider the teacher to be. To remember outer teachers is essential, but this is still a synthetic teacher – a booster. So what is the real teacher? Conscience!

Outer teachers are there to remind us of the inner teacher, which is conscience, judgement, discrimination and discernment. This is the seventh consciousness (search ‘8 Consciousnesses’ for details.)

Outer teachers can explain the relationship between the light and the dark in a generalised way. The ‘light’ is pure knowingness, and the ‘dark’ is impure knowingness, driven by self delusions of ignorance, desire and aversion. Teachers cannot be with us 24 hours a day, so it is we who have to weigh up the balance of light and dark.

We need the light to see the dark
and we need the dark to see the light.
This is the balance of
“Not too tight and not too loose.”

The teacher shows us how to look, but we have to do the looking. To live without the presence of an outer teacher is difficult because we are easily distracted and forgetful. When on our own, we need to be extremely honest with ourselves, or we can fall into hell – or any of the six realms (search ‘The Six Realms’ for details).

When we are on our own, we cannot hope for success; we have to know what we are doing. We have to recognise the six realms in action, and then the darkness in the world becomes our inspiration and guide.

It is essential to remember the outer teachers until enlightenment. This is the meaning of the refuge prayer: “Until enlightenment, I go for refuge in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha…”

To be practical, outer teachers have so many students that they cannot deal with us directly, holding our hand at every stage. We are with ourselves at every moment, day in and day out, and so we are the ones to know!

Let conscience be your/pure awarenesses guide.
😀 😀 😀

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