Buddhism For The Gritty
True Grit”

Gritty: showing courage, resolve, tenacity. Being aware of the unpleasant, and unwaveringly seeing it as it really is; uncompromising.

There are many ways to obtain peace of mind – a mind that is at peace.

Generally, Buddhism is a soft, gentle approach, relaxed and carefree, no effort, being at peace, bringing about clarity and eliminating obscurations, culminating in pure, empty awareness. The emotions are under control, and we are happy with our lot. And then, there are those who follow intellectual understanding, the scholarly way, so the mind is convinced. These two methods describe the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ approaches to achieving peace of mind – a mind that is at peace.

For a few, it isn’t like either of those.

For them, everything seems larger than life. They have very strong emotions, are very intelligent and very compassionate. They are passionate! Nodding in approval and being meek and mild is just not their way. They face obstacles head on.

Hello to the touchy-feely-gritty people!

Touchy-feely-true-grit people are Dzogchen people.
It doesn’t matter what we call ourself, our actions and reactions speak louder than words. Gritty people can seem a little raw and this may disturb some. They are not out to upset or cause harm, they do not just conform because situations are alive and kicking!

This is why there are yanas/levels, and we have to find the yana/level that suits us. Actually, we are in that particular yana/level already; our actions speak louder than words.

Being aware of the unpleasant, and unwaveringly seeing it as it really is; uncompromising.” The point of going to a restaurant is for good food to satisfy our hunger, and not for the ambience of the place.

Buddhism is for everyone.
Know your place.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    great post today…….I learned a new definition of “grits” when moved to NC….LOL…
    Girl Raised In The South …knows how to fish,hunt,breed farm animals and garden, and will consistently hit the target ,I find them attractive without makeup,lipstick and painted nails, or false personality .

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