Meditation And Its Expression

When we just rest, we relax.
When relaxed, the mind clears.
This clarity makes it easier to be
aware of awareness.
When aware of awareness,
clarity sees nothing but awareness.
That is pure, empty awareness:
it’s simply our true nature.

Now what to do?
The experience of our true nature is quite simple. Expressing it, isn’t. Much depends on the culture in which we were brought up, our family background and our educational experiences. Even within the same family, we have different views and so, the way in which we express ourselves and translate our experiences will be different; this is also limited by our ability to find the language to communicate the feeling. My family is used to arguing, while my wife’s family is not: silence is their way. To put it bluntly, communication is a problem. Added to this, our modern mind is more critical, suspicious, cynical and often sarcastic.

As we evolve, we develop skills, but there remains a residue from our past. When it comes to the Dharma, I tend to upset other students. It’s not intentional, it’s just my background which is working class.

When we go to Dharma centres, we all pretend that we’re not critical, suspicious, cynical, and sarcastic, but to those who know, our pretence stands out a mile. Dharma centres may be more middle class with ‘refined’ emotions, but they are still emotions! One of the problems with being refined is that one can become so poetical that the meaning is lost. Perhaps that’s the intention, so we pay for more teachings? See, there’s that cynical nature coming out! 😀 😀 😀

I’ve been to retreats where the lama has laughed at westerners for being critical, suspicious, cynical and sarcastic, suggesting that we shouldn’t be like that. The audience laughed as well, but I didn’t. Actually, my teacher approached me one day and told me that I didn’t laugh much – and I couldn’t tell him the reason why: I actually do laugh a lot, but not at the same time as Dharma students! 😉 Compared to the Tibetan culture, we may seem screwed up…but that’s the way we are! Actually, Tibetans are a proud, superstitious people: we don’t hold that against them, as we find them cute and exotic, and having received great wisdom.

Modern people simply lack confidence; this is not something we choose. The world of technology has overtaken us, and we cannot keep up. It’s something governments and corporations have designed and are exploiting, to keep us confused and wanting.

We have to be honest with how our minds are now, in the way our culture is, and look into that. It’s when we look honestly into our own minds that we can then laugh – at ourselves. Others’ mistaken views are only reflecting their culture.

Mixing cultures sounds fine but has its problems: it divides. Just watch what’s happening in Europe; it’s an acceleration of confusion and wanting. It is social engineering. We can counter this by awareness.

The expression of meditation is unconditional love.
It does not divide.

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