Teachers Have Many Students
…so they do not have the time to know us all.

This is why we have to look into our own minds
and realise that we can see what is going on there.

There is an inner teacher-student relationship:
an inner reflection of relative and absolute reality.

It is the absolute that is the student,
It is the relative that is the teacher.

It is the relative that is conveying all the information,
while the absolute is just aware.

Once this information has been realised by the absolute,
the absolute recognises the information as wisdom.

This wisdom is then transformed into clarity
which reflects back to the relative to express wisdom.

The mind is now clear, and essence is clear.
Essence has always been clear, but did not recognise it.

Once the absolute recognises all phenomena as wisdom,
all phenomena arises in the light of wisdom.

This is the meaning of training the mind
to express wisdom love.

This seeing is essence watching the mind games.
This essence is our essential nature of empty awareness.

Understanding this empty awareness,
anything that arises in the mind is seen as the teacher.

Mental arisings are responses to external phenomena.
These arisings and appearances are empty of any true reality.

Absolute reality – empty essence – has nothing to teach.
It is the constant student, ready to reflect for the benefit of others.

The teacher is relative reality; the mistaken view occurring in the mind.
Its very presence is telling empty essence something.

All the outer teacher wants is for you to realise your inner teacher.
Then you are free, to let go.

There is emptiness and the contents in emptiness.
There is nothing finer than emptiness.

May the contents become enlightening.

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