How Do We Focus On Our True Nature?

We can’t, because that would be a duality. We can only Love. When we focus on others and not on ourselves, then our true nature is naturally revealed. This is emptiness (empty of contamination) in compassion.

The mantra of Chenrezi, the Lord of Compassion, illustrates this:
OM MANI PEME HUM = Jewel in the Lotus = Emptiness in Compassion.

How do we love? Through the six perfections and the four enlightened activities of pacifying, magnetising, enriching and destroying ego’s games (type in search for details).

from Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
“The mantra Om Mani Pädme Hum is easy to say yet quite powerful, because it contains the essence of the entire teaching. When you say the first syllable Om, it is blessed to help you achieve perfection in the practice of generosity. Ma helps perfect the practice of pure ethics, and Ni helps achieve perfection in the practice of tolerance and patience. Pä, the fourth syllable, helps to achieve perfection of perseverance, Me helps achieve perfection in the practice of concentration, and the final sixth syllable, Hum, helps achieve perfection in the practice of wisdom.

“So in this way, recitation of the mantra helps achieve perfection in the six practices from generosity to wisdom. The path of these six perfections is the path walked by all the Buddhas of the three times. What could then be more meaningful than to say the mantra and accomplish the six perfections?”

The following is by 15th Karmapa, Khakyab Dordje ( 1871 – 1922 )

Having confidence in the nature of mind. Transforming ignorance into awareness.

The Three Qualities of the Mind :
The Truth State: Mind is like clear space that is filled with information
The Joy State: Mind’s true nature is fearlessness and joy
The Loving State: Awareness that all sentient beings have the same basic nature

Developing active compassion and liberating wisdom in balance to benefit others. Disturbing emotions become the raw material for enlightenment:

The Four Buddha Activities – The Development of Compassion:
Peace-Giving Activity: Being kind and giving confidence
Enriching Activity: Introducing life’s possibilities
Sharing Fascination: Sharing good qualities and excitement, while being honest and grateful
Powerfully Protective: Destroying negativity without anger

Six Liberating Actions – The Paramitas:
Generosity: Sharing spontaneous richness
Conscious Living: A life that is aware, meaningful and useful to others
Patience: Avoiding anger so future happiness is not lost
Diligence: Maintaining joyful energy to fuel further growth
Meditation: The tool for maintaining joy and awareness
Wisdom: Subject, object, and action are all part of the same totality, so doing good is natural

The Development of Wisdom:
Mirror-Like Wisdom: Appears when mind is aware as anger returns to space
Equalising Wisdom: Appears when mind is aware as pride returns to space
Discriminating Wisdom: Appears when mind is aware as attachment returns to space
Wisdom of Experience: Appears when mind is aware as jealousy returns to space by wishing others everything good
Intuitive Wisdom: Appears when ignorance dissolves and mind recognizes itself; space and energy are experienced as the same, at all times and places

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