The Problem With Spirituality
is that we can use it for a sense of security.

When we do this, teachings become dogma, and dogma becomes a ‘religion’, to which we adhere because of our insecurity. Acquiring all the answers makes elite fools out of us, and covers our pain. Answers are useless unless we have questions. It is only when we experience the rawness of our situation – rather than through theories – that we can see reality.

Knowing we are foolish is the beginning of wisdom.

This is not something to feel guilty about: it is really seeing our unhappiness and insecurity. Our unhappiness is due to wanting and trying to be happy, to fit into a ritualistic dogma where we think we feel safe.

Spiritual security comes from confidence and joy in recognising our path, warts and all. We stop the pretence of attempting to make something that is not the case appear true. We can now start laughing! We might have had our emotional guts ripped out, but then we see that there were expectations that were unrealistic, and we have to let it all go. The truth is the situation as it is.

The perfection of Essence recognising the perfection of its mistaken reflection.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    The importance of staying centered…???…

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