Some Days, I Lack Enthusiasm To Practise”

Just remember the “pointing out instruction” of pure awareness. Whatever we are doing or not doing, pure awareness is always present, whether we (pure awareness) notice or not.

Practice is only a reminder to notice pure awareness.
It’s that simple!

We are a mirror or an ocean. The nature of a mirror is to have reflections – mirror and reflections cannot be separated. The nature of the ocean is to have waves – ocean and waves cannot be separated. Waves are sometimes turbulent and sometimes flat. Thoughts are sometimes turbulent and sometimes flat. Turbulence and flatness are due to karma: it’s like a picture parade every day, every moment. The mirror and the ocean never change.

The nature of space is to have objects appear in it: space and objects cannot be separated. Whatever appears in our space is due to karma. The essential nature of mind is clarity. Its nature is to have thoughts: thoughts and essential nature are inseparable.

Every occurrence in the mind that arises due to karma is but a natural reminder of pure awareness, once the pointing out instruction is given and received.

Understanding this shatters everything.
Who said you cannot practise?

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  1. crestedduck says:

    Forever in the “now” moment…alive and hyper-aware….it is and always has been my natural state of mind and soul essence !
    When I openly and honestly acknowledge my gratitude for this.. God supplies all the blessings !

  2. marcel says:

    Ocean is a nice metaphore. It’s easily to get hooked out there in the blue. From the tiniest plancton to the largest whale, it’s pretty much so, a question of eating or being eaten. “Bellum omnium contra omnes”, comes to mind, and how to go beyond it. Indeed, being the ocean, while watching samsara in action. A little bit sadder, but also a little bit wiser.

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