Do Things Just Happen?

How can they? There is always a cause, because ‘things’ have parts: they are the result of a coming together of conditions. We call this karma, or perhaps good or bad luck. It’s the same thing. It is complex but there doesn’t seem to be any other answer as to why things happen. God’s will doesn’t hold up to investigation: it is lazy thinking, and takes away personal responsibility.

Of course, we can be born into a ‘bad’ situation, and whether we want to call this bad luck or karma, we still have to deal with it as best we can. Bad luck or karma is not a punishment: if we see it as such, further attitudes with then arise, spiralling down into a darker prison. If we just see it as a result, the original of which is unknown, then our reaction will be neutral: we will then just deal with the situation as best we can. Reacting creates karma, whereas neutrality does not. Neutrality does not mean doing nothing: rather, it means being without bias.

Generally, we can see why things happen to us, by looking at our past, our karmic tendencies and the nature with which we were born. But it is not so easy to see the karmic background of others as that is their story.

Of course, now comes the question, “Why were we born with a certain nature?” Again, this may be termed good or bad luck, or karma. Either way, we still have to deal with things as they are now.

‘The nature we are born with’: this is a tricky area, because it might presuppose reincarnation which is not a readily provable thing. We all have tendencies which may differ from other members of our family, and we may even feel we have done ‘this’ before. This in itself is not proof of reincarnation for everyone, so there is an acceptance that we all have certain leanings and we deal with that.

Nothing comes from nothing, nothing ever could,
but somewhere in my youth or childhood,
I must have done something good.”
From the “Sound of Music.”

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