Unconditional Love Comes From Unconditional Love

Unconditional love comes from compassion.
Compassion comes from empathy.
Empathy comes from insight.
Insight comes from concentration/meditation.
Meditation comes from discipline.
Discipline comes from perseverance.
Perseverance comes from patience.
Patience comes from generosity.
Generosity comes from unconditional love.
Unconditional love is non-attachment to me and mine.

We all have a leaning towards that which we value most. For me, the most important is empathy, for without empathy (knowing how and why another may feel) compassion wouldn’t be understood, and there would be no unconditional love. Empathy is the manifestation of the six perfections: without empathy, the phrase ‘unconditional love’ can become just a phrase.

Here is where I’m coming from:

I once spoke to a Tibetan translator and asked, “Isn’t empathy more important than compassion? For without empathy, compassion couldn’t come about.” He replied, “No, no, we say compassion is more important, not empathy”, and walked off, totally ignoring me. This happens all too often.

Where is unconditional love without empathy?

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