Mindfulness and Awareness

The experiences of mindfulness and awareness are not the same as the words that describe them. Our experiences will differ, so what I’m about to say may or may not make sense to the reader, and finding words to describe them isn’t at all easy. Words are generalisations.

The only way we can experience the true nature of mind is through meditation. Meditation is resting in clarity. Meditation has two aspects; sitting meditation, and its continuity in daily life.

There are two levels of meditation – mindfulness and awareness. We use one to arrive at the other. We use mindfulness to recognise awareness, and then we drop mindfulness to rest in awareness. Holding on to mindfulness creates an obstacle. Too much doing, and no being!

In mindfulness meditation and daily life, we are being very precise. Mindfulness is going out to the object, and so we are mindful of whatever we are doing. This is important and efficient in conventional reality.

In awareness meditation and daily life, we are not going out to objects as much as we do in mindfulness. In awareness meditation, there is a sense of awareness flooding in, of panoramic vision, all at once. We take in everything because the senses are open and non-conceptual; perception is clear, and judgement and memory have subsided. Mindfulness is still present in the background, but is not all-consuming.

Pure awareness is just being open and uncontaminated by bias.
In other words – emptiness.

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