We Communicate Through A Fog Of Concepts

Verbal and written communication is unique to humans. It’s one means of transmitting information, intelligence, wisdom and love: our unspoken demeanour also says much.

Communication is, however, tainted by veils that fog and obscure the true nature of mind. There are two veils – the cognitive and emotional obscurations* – and so communication stays at the level of information, which is biased to say the least.

We don’t communicate because we don’t listen. We just want to smother the situation, in order to reinforce our view of ourselves and the world we have created. If we actually listened, we would communicate at the level that was beneficial.

We seek out like-minded people to maintain our false sense of happiness, which relies on conditions. We communicate through a fog of conditional happiness – we have become conditional happiness addicts.

As we can see, the veil is quite banal: it’s nothing sinister, but merely obscures.
The veil is the basis of the evil in which we live.

So how do we clear this fog?
We already know!

We are pure knowingness, pure awareness
which instantaneously recognises the dust on the mirror.


*From Rangjung Yeshe Wiki – Dharma Dictionary :
Cognitive obscuration: The subtle obscuration of holding on to the concepts of subject, object and action.
Emotional obscuration: The emotions of the five poisons: anger, desire, stupidity, pride and envy.

These obscurations are dualistic conceptual thinking, which prevents omniscience.

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