Do You Feel Protected?

Feeling protected is relying on something that we consider to be more powerful than ourself, or our present situation. As we are still caught up in a sentient reality, we need help. This may mean different things to different people.

This sense of protection may be a theory, a philosophy, a group, a teacher, a deity, or a lineage. Theories and philosophies are not experience. A group is people, and people are not reliable. A teacher is busy with the group(s). A deity or lineage is a belief in our mind.

The sense of protection could be ourself – but then, which ‘self’ are we talking about? I’ve heard many people say, “Bring it on!”, but this is a naïve view as it entails usin our relative, conventional state dealing with our own fixated, confused minds.

The idea of protection does, in fact, come from us, in the form of “What do I trust?”, so protection is what we choose as protection.

When we are on our own, to whom do we turn? Of course, the ultimate answer is our own innate pure awareness – but that notion has to be constant, and we are fickle.

What we need is an idea that pulls us through confused times. If by reading, hearing and our own experience, we find teachings beneficial, then their representatives (those present and gone before) are deeply appreciated, and have a pulling power of inspiration.

“Calling the Teacher from Afar” is such a prayer. This may take many forms, and might be formal or informal: because it is an ideal, this ideal comes from within our own mind. It’s all about what this ideal represents for us.

This connection gives us a feeling of…well…connection! And so, there is a feeling of guidance, of protection. This is all due to good heart creating good karma. If bad karma is present, this feeling of connection pulls us through.

Granted, it’s all in the mind,
but it is
all in the mind!

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