Is It, ‘As It Is’?

The Buddha’s teachings and commentaries are vast. How do we know they are true? How do we test them? What is true? It is we who have to recognise what it is we are dealing with. Merely repeating teachings and commentaries will not hit the spot until we see ‘it’.

What is, is true!
‘Is’ is unchanging.
‘It’ is unchanging pure awareness.

Obscuring this truth is that which seems to be true; the collection of (karmic) preconceived ideas that dominates our mind. We can also say of this temporary occurrence – “It is as it is”.

It (preconceived ideas) is as it is because it is the path we created – cause and effect. This is precisely our tool to uncover pure awareness, our true essence. We have to accept that we have consciously and unconsciously acquired this programme of preconceived concepts: if we are looking for something else, then that is just another part of our programming. We are not trying to change our programming: we are emptying it of concepts, in order to see clearly. We are seeking that which already is – a good heart, wisdom and happiness. There is a rightness about it.

Wisdom is emptiness:
it is clarity.

Happiness is awareness:
it arises upon recognition of empty clarity.

A good heart is unconditional compassion:
it recognises innate emptiness and happiness within all sentient beings.

It really is, ‘As it is’!
Good, isn’t it?

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