Tibetan Buddhism

To practice Tibetan Buddhism is to realise our true nature of pure awareness, to recognise the obstacles that prevent the realisation of that true nature, and to acknowledge that these very same obstacles are the path to realising our true nature.

This is the meaning of the two truths seen as a unity.

We do not have to adopt the Tibetan culture in order to realise these teachings. The Tibetan culture is a beautiful, wise and colourful culture whose utmost concern is the spiritual welfare of all sentient beings, so that they may realise their true nature.

However, the truth is beyond language and culture. The truth is within pure experience. We do not have to adopt another’s culture or language to achieve this: that would be like living with two heads. We should appreciate, respect and understand others’ cultures and spiritual ways in order to achieve an harmonious world.

Once we understand the nature of all things and our own minds, and we find that beauty within, then we may express it within our own culture, and make it beautiful.

We are only here for a short while. Who knows within which culture or herd we may re-incarnate in the next life? Meanwhile, we do what we can.

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