That Old Self

Even though we may be learned in philosophies and have glimpses of meditative experience of our true nature, our old quirky self is still around. The way we talk, walk, sit…all indicate previous programming created by our early environment.

For ordinary people, this is just their habitual way. For practitioners, this is our path: we just have to acknowledge and be aware! Thinking we have to act ‘differently’, or in a ‘spiritual’ way, we will only appear odd: we become a cultural oddity, which is perceived subtly by others and is somewhat annoying. We have a human form, and so should act with decent human kindness, melting into our surroundings for the benefit of others, rather than projecting weirdness. This is skilful means and wisdom.

Through acknowledgment of our eccentricities – which have both a dark and light side – that which needs to be dropped falls away (fear), and that which is bright and shiny, shines (fearlessness).

We are not vegetables; we are creative spirits.
It’s all a balancing act: “Not too tight and not too loose!”

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