Negative Negativity

It’s something to look out for.

We would all like things to be better. This creates reactions, and emotions arise in the mind from a sense of compassion, but it becomes personal, and so we get involved.

Through identification, positive emotions become negative: their source, however, is still wisdom…really!

Pure awareness sees something amiss; the dust on the mirror. Through proper instruction, this dust – negative emotions – helps us realise the source of recognition: pure awareness. This is the two truths working in harmony: with refinement, they are seen as a unity, as recognition is instantaneous.

Unfortunately, when we justify our negativity and blame others, we fall into the darkness of negative negativity. It’s something to look out for.

When we see clearly,
there is light in negative emotions.
All phenomena are clearly seen in emptiness.

That’s the buddha in the mud!

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  1. pureprocesssu says:

    I’m not judgemental. I only judge people for being judgemental. Wish that was a joke. It is so literally true.

    • tony says:

      Hello Su,
      Laugh… we all do that!
      We have to discriminate to do anything or get out of the way.

      “A person who on a slippery road ignores the laws of caution, comes under the law of gravitation.”

      Negative negativity judgement is when we fixate on that judgement, and that reaction imprints on our mind and behaviour, creating karma- future reactions.

      When it comes to people we know, we generally know their habitual response. This is just an instant observation with no judgement.

      All awareness is doing is observing a fixation. Seeing a cracked mirror is just seeing a cracked mirror.

      If someone exaggerates or lies and we don’t know they exaggerate or lie, then we have a problem. If we know they exaggerate or lie, then we have no problem.


  2. tony says:

    ….of course in absolute reality there is no up or down, no left or right, no blue or green, no right or wrong. In absolute stillness there just …isness. In constant conventional conflict while the mind is discerning yes or no, essence sits and watches.

    In the clarity of sitting and watching (Trungpa calls this “Sitting Bull!) what to do in the conventional is clearer. I suppose some might call that, “The voice of God.” This is the clarity of essence – pure awareness. God must be pure awareness.

    As a Buddhist I can say, “I do not believe in God, but in the very essence of God, which is absolute pure awareness.”

    Many Buddhist might argue with this point πŸ˜€


  3. marcel says:

    not too tight, not too loose..

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