Two Steps To Understanding

Step one: all appearances are seen in the mind.
Step two: the nature of mind is emptiness.

Step one helps us to see the cause of suffering:
our reacting and clinging to appearances in the mind.

Step two is the realisation that the very seeing of this clinging and reacting
is empty clarity itself.

Step one is the way in which we can communicate with others through empathy.
Step two is the way in which we respond, when they want to communicate with us.

Step one is conventional reality.
Step two is absolute reality.

Communication is a two-way thing: a harmony in diversity.

Note: How do we communicate with others? The inner voice of silence says nothing, indicating ”Don’t!”, allowing space for others to communicate with us. If we try to communicate what we know or think we know, before being asked, we smother space. This can be the result of over-enthusiasm; some of us are slow learners 😀 It all comes down to awareness, and others becoming aware that we are aware and interested. This creates an harmonious space.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~”Communication is a two-way thing: a harmony in diversity.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Time to bounce some thoughts back and forth and see where it leads to……..
    Teachings help us learn about being both male & female spiritual energy all in one human body, and bringing them together in balance to create a balanced mind and soul that operates at a higher state of consciousness.
    But what about that “EGO” everyone is always villifying and trashing….It has 2 sides to it..
    I now realize there are actually 4 parts that need uniting and balance to become 100%whole
    I have proven to myself through 50+yrs of personal experiences and adventures in learning : “enlightenment is my lower reptilian mind EGO’s biggest disapointment”…And also that “enlightenment is the higher spiritual mind EGO’s greatest accomplishment” !
    No wonder everyone is all messed up …there’s a male and a female and 2 different ego’s all talking at same time in your DNA effecting your consciousness and awareness causing confusion!

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