How Much Do We Learn In A Lifetime?
Not much!

Q: In a lifetime, how many discover anything meaningful about their true reality, and the persona – the mask – adopted to obscure that reality?

A: Very few. We are too busy acquiring, instead of enquiring.

We live on a planet of masks. It is extremely rare for humans to even bother asking the questions, “Who am I?” and “What’s it all about?”, let alone sustain the enquiry. We just fall into line, into the programming of others who also forgot to ask the questions, “Who am I?” and “What am I?”

Even those who profess to know the Dharma do not exhibit compassionate understanding. It’s become just another clever persona. Another mask.

The Buddha’s teachings are simple… “pure, compassionate awareness”. ‘Compassionate’ is the understanding of the pure awareness of all beings, and that which obscures this, thereby empathising with their suffering. If it becomes ‘my’ compassion – which is not a manifestation of pure awareness – we seek out weaknesses and exploit these in order to maintain a superior position. The more we dress the teachings up, the more confusing they become and the less confident we are – and the more we need someone to continually interpret them for us.

The understandable teachings on the nature of everything are simple and sacred. They are beyond this make-believe physical existence.

Appreciate the teachings, as they are extremely rare – but everywhere!

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