Q. What Do We Value, and How Much?

A. It has to be truth, above all other.

If we value ‘this’ and ‘that’ above our true nature,
then we are caught in a realm of trivia,
and are of no use to anyone!

Wisdom is more important than life itself.
Without wisdom, everything is worthless.

Truth is beauty.
Beauty is truth.
Form is emptiness.
Emptiness is form.
Gate gate para samgate bodhi soha…
Gone gone gone beyond…


With words

May the hearts of all beings melt into kindness and joy.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    It has to be truth, above all other ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Spirit is leading the way for me to gain wisdom…….. ” Portuguese Pilgrims and Dighton Rock”
    by Dr Manuel Luciano deSuilva. http://www.dightonrock.com
    Dr. Manuel Luciano DaSilva gives what he calls his last lecture about the History of Dighton Rock at the St. Nicholas of Myra Church Hall in Dighton, MA, as part of their 300th Anniversary celebration, on August 18, 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ik984pBAZWM
    My Grt Grandfather deMingos is buried near that church, he’s Portuguese and owned a dairy farm in Dighton , Mass. He was also the towns first fatality by automobile when his horse and buggy was hit from behind by one of the first autos in town. He had no sons only young daughters, and after he died my GrtGranny sold the farm , then her and my Granny and Grt Aunts all moved to Fall River ,Mass. My parents were both raised and graduated High School in Somerset, Mass

  2. marcel says:

    Hello Tony, amen to that. If you take your blogging to these heights, there is no need anymore for discussing 🙂 On the other hand, you post provides many food for meditation. Like, for example, on the meaning of this small, simple prayer..

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