The Planet Of Sleeping Buddhas

If we want to wake up, we have to follow in the footsteps of those that have awoken. This is the purpose of devotion/inspiration.

However, we need the right motivation. This is the purpose of empathy/compassion towards all sentient beings.

Firstly, we need the capacity to tame the evil-spirited: those who create obstacles. It is the evil-spirited that keep us sleeping by latching on to our weaknesses of being evil-spirited, as we are governed by our limited judgments of likes and dislikes without discrimination. And so, we remain in the sleep of ignorance of our true potential of seeing everything as emptiness.

Once we recognise this potential in all beings (even the evil-spirited), this creates the right motivation to succeed – to go beyond this mundane life.

“May we attain enlightenment for the sake of all sentient beings.”
“May all sentient beings attain enlightenment.”

This would make a nice change
from all the c r a p*
that this planet displays and conceals,
day in and day out… 😀

*Crap: extremely poor in quality, dregs of beer, residue of fat.

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