Does Spirituality Have To Be Dressed Up?

This will depend on the individual’s needs. To start with, we need a clear distinction between conventional life and spiritual awareness. We need something special that attracts us and that can be integrated into daily life. Ultimately, we become an unceasing expression of unconfined love, but we have to take first things first.

Reminders are vital, to go beyond this all-consuming, mundane, materialistic world. A special place to go. This may be either plain or vividly ostentatious, depending on one’s taste. We have to suck it to see. 😀

It’s important to be mindful of how simplistic it is to become caught up in quality of form, exchanging this for the simple quality of reality.

Of course, there are times when we like to cruise along as a group in regular, formal rituals: this can be encouraging and a good support, but we have to realise that real practice – real dharma – is a living and breathing experience that we do on our own. This is true courage.

Letting go is for the brave and confident. Then, compassionate love comes from our heart. Doing something because we ‘should’ is second class: doing it because we recognise responsibility is first class.

We do not need a holy ‘attitude’:
we need wholly empathetic compassion.
Unceasing expression of unconfined love in a relative world.
The unity of the two truths.

Ultimate reality is beyond.
Ultimate expression is love.

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  1. daisymae21 says:

    “Doing something because we ‘should’ is second class: doing it because we recognise responsibility is first class.”
    I oscillate continuously between those two mindsets, in both the spiritual and the secular worlds. Slowly, slowly – and I think a lot of this is to do with age (!) – I think the “should” is decreasing.
    I like your balanced approach here, Tony – it would be so easy for you to come over as critical and judgemental but you don’t. We all need the support of others at different times in our lives, and we’re not always courageous all of the time.
    You always sound as if you truly do experience what we all experience, and write from that perspective. Thanks!

  2. daisymae21 says:

    Oh, and I LOVE ‘quality of reality’ as opposed to ‘quality of form’! 😉

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