Pointless Life?

The human potential is complete enlightenment – to be a Buddha. This is one who has awakened to inner clarity and dissolved all confusion through the continuity of clarity at every moment, which is the practice of purification.

However, we decided to spend this precious time as humans in pointless pursuits and confusion. Traditionally, this is described as going to an island full of jewels, but coming away empty-handed. Our collective karma has decided that this is the Age of Confusion.

It’s not my fault!”
Actually, it is down to us. Even the Buddha can’t ‘do’ enlightenment for us. A Buddha can only show the way, and then we tread the path, which is undoing our own confusion to which we consented.

How do I start?”
We start by finding instruction that we feel we can trust. Much will depend on our temperament: we either employ the path of inner peace to realise clarity, or we employ the path of clarity to realise inner peace. The result is the same: Mahamudra and Dzogchen are different methods to achieve the same end.

What do I trust?”
Your own awareness.

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1 Response to POINTLESS LIFE?

  1. marcel says:

    A pointless life, a pointfull life.. What’s the point when life, reinvent itself every single moment..

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