No Path, No Journey, No Destination

We are here now.

So what obscures ‘now’? Nothing. Absolutely nothing of any substance. Emotions arise to protect the false idea of ‘me and mine’: pride, jealousy, desire, fear, hatred and ignorance obscure nowness. As long as it’s all about me and mine, we will have a path, a journey and a destination.

Everything written or spoken about spirituality says the same thing, time after time, because we believe we are obscured. We aren’t. We are just distracted, moment by moment, by illusory deviations.

When we “fetch water, chop wood” there is nothing to think about: no emotions, no obscurations, no path, no journey and no destination.
When it’s my wood and my water, there are emotions, obscurations, a path, a journey and a destination.

The throne of enlightenment is not out there; it is here now, more or less.
Religions say we have to do this and that.|
Spirituality says drop this and that.

The path is our confusion. This is merely an inner conflict within the everlasting kingdom of enlightenment and a temporary blip on the radar.
The journey is wanting to do something, because we are confused.
The destination is not realising that we have been here all the time.

Crazy but true.
Getting it wrong is the key to understanding.
Being spoonfed*, we remain nappy bound.

*provide someone with so much help or information that they do not need to think for themselves.

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  1. crestedduck says:

    Spoonfed propaganda till delirious, delusional , and comfortably numb and dumb !

  2. marcel says:

    Suspect the unsuspected..

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