What Is The Cause Of Suffering?

This is very simple, but becomes complex.
We want to be, or appear to be, better then we already are,
both as individuals and as a collective.

Our ultimate reality is just pure awareness: we are nothing other than perfect beings. Beings that are, in essence, purely aware. Hard to believe, but easy to prove. It is that which is reading this right now, without comment and at perfect peace. There you are…enjoy!

But, it’s not like that, is it? And it’s not like that because this ultimate reality finds itself in a human body and human mind and so, it experiences suffering. This mind is temperamental and this body will become old and sick, and will die.

How did I get here?

It actually started with enjoying. Enjoy-ing came after the moment of joy. Pure awareness became excited about joy and started enjoy-ing. A feeling of I was created, a duality. Awareness became aware of stillness and enjoyed it, instead of remaining in pure stillness, empty stillness. Then, the I started to enjoy this, but not that.

It is that which is the cause of suffering. Absolute reality of non-duality fell into a mistaken view, creating a duality of relating to something outside itself. That relating created a relative reality, and gives rise to constant effects, which gives rise to karma, which is the force that drives us on to rebirth after rebirth.

That which we see, we cannot be.
That which we see, we cannot be.
That which we see, we cannot be.
Isn’t that the truth?

The mirror-like awareness saw a reflection, and believed the feedback from that reflection to be it – a ‘me’. Once we adopted a ‘me’ identity/reality, this had to be maintained and defended. We wanted to enjoy more, we wanted to be happier – and better – than others and, in wanting to be happier, we created suffering. Collectively, we are all doing this: that is the complication, as we are all causing suffering to one another.

Of course, until full enlightenment, we will have a sense of a self identity, which will still cause subtle suffering. Just to be seen trying to avoid causing suffering could cause suffering to others, as it is a reminder ā€“ and, as such, annoying – of what their role in life should be. Don’t we sometimes want to find fault with good people? We want to bring them down because we believe that they think themselves so high. The stronger the self-identity, the more we experience suffering, and the more upset we feel…and the more we suffer!

If we feel joy at another’s goodness, we are not separated from that goodness.

The cause of suffering is a feeling of separateness. Now we know the cause of suffering ā€“ which has, in fact, no reality at all – we need a skilful method to transform this illusory suffering.

Suffering is our path.
Negativity is our path.
Desire is our path.
Everything is our path!

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  1. crestedduck says:

    “know thy self”, “Accept Truth and Love thy self”
    ~: } We are the creations/vessels through which all our ancestors are now speaking through ! ( :~
    Because of the unique DNA/Light codes we all possess, we each now have the personal divine energy potential to be their best work, and their greatest living legacy !

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